President - Gus Kangadis & Shaquille O’Neal

Published: 17th September 2009
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President and founder of, Gus Kangadis, was approached by friend Shaquille O'Neal to construct a project for the NBA Superstar. The 7′2″ 350lb. giant has been training in mixed martial arts for close to 10 years now and is looking to make a move to professional MMA competition. With 1-2 years left on his contract it seems that Shaq is serious about fighting.

He called up one of the best web developers in the business and long time friend Gus Kangadis who has worked on projects for Chicago's Mayor Daley, Bull Kurtis, 2016 Olympic Committee, John Mayer with AwareRecords, The Venetian Hotel Las Vegas and many more high profile projects. Shaq's trainer Jon Burke recently completed an interview on ESPN. Their old website, and, could not handle all the visits so Gus Kangadis stepped in for design. Shaq said,"I got a great guy in Chicago who can help us". Once the site was completed and new videos were uploaded the media took a wiff of it all. Within the first week of Gus Kangadis launching the new site it was on the cover of news, Fox came in for interviews, Howard Stern mentioned them on air and opportunities for Shaq into the fighting world opened up. An appearance just a few weeks later on WWE Monday Night Raw and meeting with Dana White, President of the UFC. He approached Shaq about fighting. Shaq replied,"Let me win a championship next year with Lebron then we can talk".

Here is a video the anxious to launch Shaq sent to his graphic design friend Gus Kanagdis. Click here to watch Shaq's video to Gus Kangadis

Gus Kangadis is proficient in spreading buzz around the Internet for newly designed websites, helping them to succeed in traffic and online sales. He currently owns an online print company with 6 warehouses and over 100 employees in America. California, Texas, Chicago, Ohio, Florida and New York.

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